EuroTag RL European Cup report


The EuroTag RL European Cup took place in Budapest over the weekend 25th March 2017

EuroTag RL is a version of Touch Rugby that involves defenders having to tag the ball rather than the player or grabbing tag and has attracted the interest of players from all over europe in recent years, the last competition was played in the heartland of Rugby League as Rochdale Hornets and Oldham Roughyeds veterans came out to wind back the clock.

The ETEC in Budapest featured teams from Ireland, Hungary and the UK with players from a wide variety of backgrounds, some with a wealth of representative and first grade rugby league experience; a combined 1000+ first grade rugby league appearances. All games were played in best spirit.



The RLI team won the competition beating Elefántok in sudden-death extra time 7 – 6. Elefántok had been unbeaten in the group stages with a previous win over the Irish and strong performances against BRL and St. Annes of Oldham, However all teams showed a fantastic bursts of skill and glimpses of greatness to onlookers in the Budapest sunshine.

The team of the tournament, “Legio Europa” was selected by Irish tour captain, former Wakefield, Hull and York halfback, Kevin Harkin  and featured 8 players from all teams :

Legio Europa 2017 as follows  :

Glenn Warhurst; showed his vast experience and great footwork to open things up for both himself and his team, St. Anne’s.

Temuujin Uranchimeg; who electric sidesteps and crisp ball playing, bodes well for a fruitful future Hungarian half back partnership with fellow selection Dane Weatherill.

Gergely Kramlik; a well deserved selection with four outstanding performances from him, the game allowing him to use his strength and speed.

Chris Lyons; in his 5th international EuroTag competition gave the Irish team a triple threat at every juncture and scored the winning try of the competition.

Keith Graham; who displayed the engine and velocity of a locomotive driving the Irish team around the field and over the line.

Russell Wilkes; often latching on the end of some fine St. Annes moves to finish with genuine pace.

Dane Weatherill; weaved his way to break after break on the fringes.

Jozsef Surman; showed that whilst his strength and frame gave him an advantage in beating defenders his footwork is becoming his main asset.



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