Irish Rugby League Tour descends on Budapest


The weekend of the 24th of March will see the second visit of an Irish Rugby League touring team to Budapest.

The Tour party will take part in a  5 team EuroTag competition, The EuroTag European Cup, in the heart of the capital, featuring local Hungarian teams and St. Annes ARLFC of Oldham.

Budapest has positioned itself perfectly as a destination for tours, with Bolton Mets and the GB Pioneers visiting in recent months. Boasting central Europes only Rock and Rugby League pub, the Rocktogon which will be a focal point of the tour, hosting the Apres Match and featuring all the weekend Rugby League action.

The Irish touring party consists of a variety of players from all over Ireland, some from the national competition, some old masters and some less experienced Rugby League players. The party also includes as special guests Kevin Harkin and Paul Mcdermott of Hull and York Rugby League fame.

EuroTag RL is an RLI developed version of Touch Rugby that involves defenders having to tag the ball rather than the player or grabbing tags. This brings the game much closer to the original game of Rugby League and allows fends and kicking of the ball in play. The HRLF have used the concept to develop rugby league in the city of Budapest, which has led to success in European 9s competitions. St. Annes hosted a full summer program of EuroTag last year and KTRA Kerry where the game was  originally trialed and codified continue to play week in week out all year round, this competition promises to be the meeting of all the pioneers of the concept.

Tour Manager Des Foy said “Its great to be heading back to Budapest, we really enjoyed it last time and we’re bringing as much rugby league culture as possible this time, its fantastic that so many people have taken to EuroTag over the last couple of years and having Kevin and Paul on board is quite special for all involved, added to that Glenn Warhursts barmy army of St. Annes, its going to be an exciting competition, we are all very much looking forward to playing a great brand of rugby in the Hungarian Sunshine.”
Ireland Touring Squad :

  1. Des Foy (KTRA Kerry)
  2. Declan Foy (Cork Bulls)
  3. Keith Graham (Cork Bulls)
  4. David Reen (KTRA Kerry)
  5. Michael O’Grady (Cork Bulls)
  6. Brian O’Brien (Dublin City Exiles)
  7. Kevin Harkin (Unattached) (Captain)
  8. Paul Mcdermott (Eastmoor Dragons)
  9. Chris Lyons (Cork Bulls)
  10. Justin Wedlock (Ballyfermot Bears)



EuroTag European Cup itinerary

3:00 PM –  ETEC Warmup – Margaret Island
8:00 – PM Launch and Drinks – Rocktogon
ETEC 2017 – KFKI sporttelep
Apres Match Party – Rocktogon


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